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Raleigh's Village Idiots
          Improv Comedy


7PM All-Audiences Show 
45 minutes to an hour
General admission - $5 all seats
An abbreviated show appropriate for whomever you want to bring. Forget getting a babysitter, bring your kids with you. Heck, bring your babysitter too.  Bring your parents, your co-workers, your friends, even bring your enemies, if they have $5, we'll welcome them with open arms.

9PM Adult-Audiences Show 
90 minutes to 2 hours
General admission - $10 all seats
At 9PM, the filters come off and we do our full 2-set show (with an intermission to call your therapist and set your next appointment before you forget). We don't police ages at the door (or anywhere else), but this show is unedited for language and content, so we leave it to you to decide who in your circle is appropriate to bring.

Our Style
Our style is to combine many styles. The Idiots perform short- and long-form improv comedy:  Scenes, stories, games, and songs are improvised based on your suggestions. The exact combination varies from night to night, so you'll be as surprised as we are!

Appearing regularly at the North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre. See our calendar for dates and special shows at other locations.

Our Contact page has a map to NRACT. Call them at (919) 866-0228 for more information or for reservations.

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